Money Saving Vegetarian Meal Plan

I’m so glad, that so many of you have been enjoying my 7 day meal plans. It’s the beginning of a new year, so I thought it was time for something a little bit different…As many of you who have my cookbook will know, there is a chapter of vegetarian recipes. My brother became a vegetarian when he was eight, so lots of the food we ate as a family and a lot of the meals that I first learnt to cook were vegetarian. I know lots of you are planning on cooking more veggie meals this year. They’re nearly always healthier and cheaper than using meat, so it’s a great way to get your budget back on track after Christmas!

SS Red pesto and sun dried tomato pizza

Why not start your new year with a 7 day vegetarian challenge, by using my money saving veggie meal plan? All of the recipes are from my cookbook There are 7 dinner’s, each feeding 4 people and the grand total of ALL the ingredients, comes to £28.46!! (if you buy them from Aldi!) You’ll even have ingredients leftover, to use in lunches and on your following weeks meal plan. I’ve included your shopping list (with prices) so all of the hard work is done for you! I promise you, there are no salads and no measly portions. These meals are all proper, hearty plates of food! Once you’ve got dinner sorted, all you need to add is breakfast and lunch – so you should be able to get your entire food shop for under £50!

There is a printable meal plan and shopping list below. You will notice that one of recipes is the Cashew Chicken Stir Fry. All you need to do is substitute the chicken in the recipe for a 300g bag of Quorn Chicken – as outlined in the meal plan.

As lots of you will already know, I’m a huge advocate for meal planning as one of the top ways to save money. If you’re new to meal planning, or want to get yourself organised, try using a blackboard or kitchen notice board to write up your weekly menu. This will help you write your shopping list. Alternatively, you can use a magnetic meal planner, with tear off shopping list. There are hundreds of them on Amazon, but I found  this meal plannerto be the best value and most functional.

If you’re not ready for 7 days of veggie, I also have 3 other weekly meal plans for you! Meal Plan 1 Meal Plan 2 and Meal Plan 3 so that’s nearly a month of meal plans and shopping lists right here!

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First up, is the Vegetarian Meal Plan. I’ve made slight changes to a couple of the recipes, so that your weekly shop goes even further. You will need to save the meal plan before you can print it:

Vegetarian Meal Planner

Next up is the shopping list. I’ve left some spaces on here, so that you can add breakfast, lunch, snacks etc. I bought all of my ingredients from Aldi, but they’re available from any supermarket. As before, you will have to save before you print!

Vegetarian Shopping List

I hope you enjoy these, let me know how you get on!

Amy x