The Savvy Shopper’s Meal Plan #2

So here it is, as promised, the second of my #7daysofsavvy meal plans. 7 days, 7 dinners. All the meals are recipes from my cookbook and all are quick, tasty midweek dinners for 4 people…….and the shopping list comes to the grand total of £33!!! As before, I’ve included a printable shopping list for all of the ingredients and a downloadable meal plan. I have written the meal plan to help you to get the most out of your weekly shop, by making minor changes to a couple of recipes to reduce the number of ingredients that you’ll need to buy. This is all outlined in the plan.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen that there was a big debate the other evening about Aldi v’s Lidl (it appears to be quite a controversial topic!) As you know the ingredients for all of my recipes can be bought from both shops… I’m torn! One of the issues seemed to be which one was cheaper. So, what I thought I’d do this time, is to put the shopping list through and get a price comparison for all of the main supermarkets………….Here goes:

  • Aldi: £33
  • Lidl: £36.77
  • Asda: £40.60
  • Tesco: 41.84
  • Sainsburys: £43.18
  • Waitrose: £59.77

To be honest, I thought the price difference between the first 3 or 4 would be bigger. I think it goes to show that it’s not just about where you shop, it’s about savvy meal planning and cooking simple, money saving recipes, that don’t use loads of ingredients.

If you want to print the meal plan and the shopping list below, you will need to save it first.

First up is the meal plan. 7 dinners ( and sides)

Weekly Meal Plan 2

Next you’re going to need a shopping list. I shopped for the ingredients at Aldi, but as you can see, you can get the ingredients anywhere. I’ve left some space so that you can add what you need for lunches and breakfast.

Weekly Shopping List 2

Finally I thought I would show the print out with the prices. There were a couple of bits on offer, but mostly everyday prices.

My Supermarket List

So there we have it! A weeks worth of dinners for £33!! There is also another 7 day meal plan to accompany the book on here and another in the book itself…..that’s 3 weeks worth of dinners sorted!!

If you’ve not got my book yet, it’s still reduced to the super savvy price of £4.99 on Amazon!! Click here to go to the Amazon page