10 Minute Spaghetti Carbonara

What a weird week it’s been weather wise….it’s so hard to know what to cook. We’ve gone from ‘i’m too hot to even contemplate eating’, to comfort food and jumpers. I’m trying really hard at this very moment to stop myself giving the heating a quick blast. My current view

out of the kitchen window is blustery gales and rain. A great combination, especially when I’ve got to do the hour round trip walk to school in a bit!

Right, I need to confess that the title of this meal is not entirely accurate. A bit of false advertising actually. It takes about 12 minutes to make after you’ve boiled the kettle for the pasta and mixed the sauce in at the end…..12 Minute Spaghetti Carbonara didn’t quite have the same ring to it though!

This recipe is a firm family favourite in our house. Don’t be put off by the few ingredients it has and the fact that it’s so quick….it is still rich and full of flavour – very much a weekend worthy dinner. It only has 5 main ingredients, most of which you will probably already have. Why not give it a go this weekend?

If you’ve not ordered your copy of “The Savvy Shopper’s Cookbook”….what are you waiting for?! It’s only £4.99 on Amazon at the moment and is full of quick, simple, delicious recipes……AND all of the ingredients are from Aldi and Lidl!! 


  • 350g dried spaghetti
  • 5 rashers of bacon
  • 3 eggs
  • 100g of grated cheddar cheese
  • 2 large handfuls of spinach
  • olive oil for frying
  • ground black pepper
  1. Place the spaghetti in a large saucepan and cover in boiling water. Bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes.
  2. In the meantime, cut the bacon rashers into equal sized pieces. Roughly 5cm each. Place the bacon in a large frying pan. Drizzle over a little olive oil and fry until crisp for around 5-7 minutes. Turn the heat off the frying pan and place the spinach on top of the bacon to slowly wilt.
  3. Beat the eggs in a bowl and stir in the grated cheese.
  4. When the pasta is cooked, use tongs (tongs are the key to great pasta, never drain it in a colander – these ones are perfect for pasta and really good value )to remove the pasta from the water and place it in the frying pan. Pour over the egg and cheese and using the tongs, gently lift and move the pasta around the pan (off the heat) gently cooking the egg, melting the cheese and stirring in the spinach and bacon.
  5. Season with ground black pepper and serve immediately.